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GeoDirectory V2 Installation

GeoDirectory V2 is almost ready for public release! You can read more about it here: https://wpgeodirectory.com/try-geodirectory-v2/

Today you can watch a couple quick videos about installing GeoDirectory V2 and the popular Supreme Directory child theme.

Install GeoDirectory V2

Upload the GeoDirectory V2 plugin
Activate the plugin
Complete the GeoDirectory V2 Setup Wizard.
– Choose Maps API – OpenStreetMap
– Choose default location – Paris
– Install Ninja Forms and UsersWP
– Install Dummy Content
– Set Sidebar Items
– Set Menu Items
Close Wizard

Install Supreme Directory child theme

Upload Directory Starter
Upload Supreme Directory child theme
Activate Supreme Directory child theme
Run the GeoDirectory V2 setup wizard
– Install dummy content
– Setup Sidebar widgets
– Add Menu Items
– Visit the site

Author: Alexrollin