Geotourism Center

Create a Geotourism Center in your community to guide visitors and locals alike to care for and preserve the natural and cultural wonders that make your area unique.

This program is designed to provide tools and consulting to local community stakeholders. In most cases a Geotourism Center program is undertaken by a local non-profit, usually a destination management organization, working in concert with the local government.

The Geotourism Map Guide is one way to start out your project.

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Geotourism Center provides tools and training for community based geotourism programs.

Geotourism is a model for regional stewardship and development that takes a multi-stakeholder approach to include the active participation of multiple stakeholders. Community involvement increases the chance for success and satisfaction, minimizes potential negative outcomes, and ensures that tourism development plans include the needs of the residents.

The Geotourism center offers both training and tools for community programs, including a suite of software applications and a great model program that shows how youth can be a part of a lively local tourism information program.

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