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Geotourism Map Guides are a resource for locals and tourists alike. A Map Guide is a showcase for all the features that make an area unique.

 Points of Interest might include:


Works of culture and art on display, museums, statues, murals, and fountains.


Museums, places of worship, or sites of special historic significance including battlefield or the site where a treaty was signed.


Scenic viewpoints, local wildlife, parks, waterfalls or a variety of locations that are of significant because of their natural origin.


Sites where the local people gather, form together to perform activities that define or are representative of the unique character of the place.  This could include local food production or processing, the production of local arts and crafts, the meeting place of the local government and more.

The non-profit Local Routes Foundation publishes several Geotourism Map Guide websites. We welcome you to participate in celebrating the points of art, culture, and nature that make each of the featured communities unique.

The Geotourism.Guide platform can be used to start your own local map guide. Enter listings for the points of interest for your local area.

You can contact the Local Routes Foundation any time for help with getting started with your own MapGuide. We are here to help! We provide a variety of consulting services drawing on decades of experience with community development, technology, and more.